Interior Plantscaping

For Business

We all know about the beauty of well-maintained indoor plants, but did you know that these plants provide major health benefits? Green plants clean, purify and condition the air that we breathe. There are also other benefits:

When you choose Blooming Spaces, you can be assured that the right plants are installed in your office or lobby. Our horticulturists will measure available light levels, advise you on styles and types of containers, and suggest appropriate plants for your environment. After estimate approval, our plantscape specialists will properly install and maintain your indoor landscaping on a regular schedule.

We do all the work and you enjoy all the benefits of living plants!

For Residences

We offer the same services for residential clients as for businesses. In addition, we will design and maintain patio plantings on a regular schedule while you are at work or on vacation. Call or email us for details, or 703-435-1882.